Reducing Ramp Time & Agent Attrition In Contact Centers


How Real-Time Coaching Reduces Agent Attrition, Increases Productivity, and Improves CX.

High agent turnover comes part and parcel with contact centers. While contact centers have historically had 30 - 45% average annual agent attrition, our data shows that attrition has jumped to as high as ~80% since the pandemic. In addition to the high costs of hiring and training new agents, agent attrition impacts customer experience, brand perception, and becomes one of the most substantial costs for all contact centers.

Using proprietary Cresta data, this report provides benchmarks agent attrition and ramp in contact centers. 

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 Purple-Check  The current state of agent attrition in contact centers.

 Purple-Check  About the "Agent Lifecycle" framework and how it helps contact center leaders identify causes of attrition.

 Purple-Check  How real-time coaching reduces ramp time and attrition.

 Purple-Check  How to get started with Agent Assist.

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