New Tech: Conversation Intelligence For B2B Revenue


Forrester Highlights 22 Conversation Intelligence Powered Sales Solutions.

The proportion of sales interactions that are voice-based have increased by 37% due to the shift to remote work1. As voice interactions become core to our new normal, sales organizations are using AI-based conversation intelligence to unlock productivity and revenue growth. Conversation intelligence solutions offer visibility into sales conversations, enable remote coaching, and inspire reps to adopt best practices. The New Tech: Conversation Intelligence for B2B, Q3 2021 report highlights 22 vendors offering conversation intelligence for B2B sales teams.

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 Purple-Check About conversation intelligence and its key functionality.

 Purple-Check Why sales teams need conversation intelligence to become insight driven

 Purple-Check 22 solutions currently offering conversation intelligence

 Purple-Check Why now is the time to start embracing conversation intelligence solutions

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1. Forrester Sales Activity Studies

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